Frequently Asked Questions

Building your home is a big deal and you’re bound to have questions. These are some that always come up, if you have any others, please give us a call and we’d be happy to help you out.



Can you build my own plans? +

Yes – we can build to your plans but we need to assess each set of plans to make sure we are the right builder for the home you are looking to create.

Can I change the design? +

Absolutely! In fact, no two houses we have built are the same. We utilise our plans as the starting point and then we work with you to customise the plan to suit your family, your lifestyle and your budget. We want to build you a home that suits your tastes and lifestyle, add a room, move a wall, change the kitchen layout, whatever takes your fancy. Take a look at our tried and trusted designs to start your design journey. Our consultants will help create the floor plan that best suits your needs, your budget, your block size and importantly meets council guidelines. We don’t believe that customisation needs to come with a hefty price tag.

What are the inclusions? +

Your home is your castle, so we want you to feel confident your new home ends up being everything you want it to be. We offer two levels of inclusions and then we mix and match to include exactly what you want. Our homes feature quality brand inclusions at an affordable price and you will be surprised and delighted with the generous allowances to choose from. We only use trusted, quality brands – so you can be sure that your new home is built to last. We suggest this is the area that you need to really compare offers; other builders can give you a cheap price by excluding a lot of inclusions that you would expect to be included. Our goal is to give you the “Genuine” price to build your home with quality inclusions and brands you can trust.

What other costs can I expect from the estimate provided? +

We provide a genuine fixed price contract so that there are no nasty surprises during the construction process. We pride ourselves on being the most thorough in the industry in assessing all the possible issues with your site. Once you have locked in your price with Bode Living you will know exactly what it will cost – No surprises.

Why do I need a soil test and site levels? +

Soils vary in type, composition and strength. The differences can be significant. Some soils are very strong and can support significant weight, while other soils are weak and compress under light loads. It is necessary to understand your site’s soil so we can accurately design the foundations for your home. Similarly, site levels must be thoroughly assessed to determine the fall of your block. This will identify additional needs regarding foundations and if additional retaining walls, step downs or drop edge beams are required.

What size house can I build? +

The size of the house is determined by the Floor Space Ratio (FSR) and setbacks (minimum distance the building can be from the boundaries) that applies in the suburb. It will vary suburb to suburb, however we will work with you and explain what the options are to ensure you get the right house for your block.

How long will it take to build my house? +

Generally it will take 12 months from the time you sign your tender acceptance to moving in, however weather can always be a factor in the exact timing. We allow 5 months for Pre-Construction and 7 months to build your home. We will provide a more detailed program closer to construction that will take into account the design, trade and supply constraints any other identifiable time constraints.

When do we sign building contracts? +

At Bode Living we sign contracts after plan acceptance. This way the contract price is truly the final price you will pay for the home you have designed.

Is the builder certified and affiliated with recognised industry associations? +

It is imperative that your builder be appropriately licensed – Bode living Builders Licence Number in ACT is 87008519784. To check the licence details of your builder please refer to The ACT Planning and Land Authority at Bode Living are proud members of the ACT Master Builders Association.

Do you build ‘smart’ homes?

Bode Living is proud to partner with Clipsal to bring a range of options with something to suit your lifestyle and budget. Try the Clipsal Smart Home Selector to see what’s possible. We can work with you at the customisation phase to ensure you get want you want at the right price.

Do you offer 6 start energy houses? +

Most of our homes comply with 6-star energy efficiency. However, due to structural changes that our customers make, sometimes they no longer comply and other items need to be included such as double-glazing on windows, insulation and special doors to ensure your home complies with a 6-star rating.

Do you cater for feng shui in your home designs? +

We often receive requests for design changes that encompass feng shui principles. Please speak to your sales consultant who will discuss what's possible with your chosen home design.

What are ‘standard inclusions’? +

Standard inclusions are fixtures and features that are included in the price of your new home. Any of these items can be upgraded to meet your lifestyle and budget. These upgrades can be chosen and ordered at your Selections Appointment.

How will I know if my fridge fits in the fridge cavity? +

We build our homes with a generic fridge in mind; however, there are many shapes and sizes available (including double door fridges), which may mean your fridge will not fit in the space we have built. Please provide your fridge dimensions to your sales consultant if you have an existing fridge that you want to use in your new home. Otherwise please refer to your plans and ensure you purchase a fridge which will fit within the dimensions provided.

What are the benefits of COLORBOND®? +

COLORBOND® roofing is versatile, lightweight and durable, plus it comes in 22 colours to give you the ability to create the ideal look and feel of your home. For more benefits of COLORBOND® visit the COLORBOND® website.

What are the benefits of roof tiles? +

There are lots of profile and material variations in tile roofing, depending on the look you are trying to achieve. They are available in terracotta, colour-through and colour-on tiles, different profiles (flat or curved) and have better acoustic performance. For more benefits of tile roofing, visit Monier website

What are 'developer approval guidelines'? +

Developer approval guidelines are set by the developer of an estate to ensure every home built within the estate has a consistent look and feel. Your developer guidelines can affect your façade colour selections and material selection. Our staff have access to these guidelines and have experience interpreting them. If you have a block or are thinking about buying, we can help you select the most suitable one for your needs. Contact Us.

Why can’t construction of my new home begin as soon as my contract is signed? +

Generally we are waiting on items such as your finance approval (which can take up to 30 days) and town planning (which in inner urban areas can take a few months to be finalised). Our aim is to get you into your home as soon as possible, so rest assured we are working hard to make this period of time as short as possible. If you have any queries during the process please feel free to call your Bode Living Representative.

What is an easement? +

An easement is a section of land registered on your property title which gives someone the right to use that land for a specific purpose (such as council access to sewage and storm water pipes.) We cannot build any permanent structures on an easement. Your final slab design may also be affected by any easements on your property or your neighbour’s property.

What is a variation? +

Essentially, a variation is a request to change an item in your contract that has been agreed to by us in writing. Your contract will specify in detail how variations are to be dealt with.

Do you cater for religious beliefs? +

We try to work with our customers’ religious traditions; however, it may vary on a case-by-case basis depending on what is required.

What is a bulkhead? +

A bulkhead is a change of the ceiling heights. It’s a stylish feature in modern homes, especially in the kitchen to define it as a separate area from the living and dining spaces.

What are obscure glazed windows? +

Obscure glazed windows are opaque windows you cannot see through. For example, in cases where you have overlooking neighbours you can use this type window to maintain your privacy yet they still allow light into the home.

What is a retaining wall and why do you need it? +

A retaining wall can be made of different materials, such as sleepers, blocks or bricks, but it’s essentially a wall built to retain fill. A retaining wall ensures soil doesn’t move from the allocated area.

Can I go out on site? +

You are more than welcome to attend your site; however, you will need to arrange this in advance and be accompanied by your site supervisor for safety reasons.

What is fill? +

Fill is the soil added after a site has been excavated to create a level building platform.

What is brick veneer? +

Brick veneer is a brick wall with timber frame and plaster walls. This is the normal construction method.

What does ‘subject to finance’ mean? +

It means your contract is only valid if you obtain unconditional finance for the contract amount. It gives our customers the right to cancel their contract if their loan is declined.

What should I expect as a standard response time to a query? +

We try to get back to you within 1 business day (24 hours). What are your office hours? Our office hours are between 8.30am and 5.00pm, Monday to Friday. Contact us.  

What is Greenfields? +

Greenfields is the name given to any land that has not previously been developed or built up. This is usually land that has been purchased with the intention of building homes, or essentially ‘new estates.’

What is double-glazing? +

Double-glazing consists of two glass panels approximately 3-4mm thick with a 10mm gap between them. This is generally used for energy efficiency and noise reduction. This is a good option if you are building on a busy street, especially on the front windows.

Do you provide an antenna? +

Antennas are available to you as an upgrade option.

What is a niche? +

A niche is an alcove or indent in the wall. Niches are often used in hallways to present artwork or in a lounge area for the TV and built-in joinery.

Why do you use waffle slabs? +

Waffle slabs consist of a reinforced concrete slab poured with internal joists or ribs in two directions beneath it which gives the system has a ‘waffle-like’ pattern. We use waffle slabs because they are the most cost effective slab design for homes. These slabs sit on top of the ground and allow for minor movement of the ground under the slab due to climatic conditions. It also provides additional insulation and can improve the homes energy rating

What are the benefits of Hebel versus brick? +

It depends largely on your personal preference as both materials have their benefits. Hebel is fast to construct, very easy to install, versatile and is available in blocks and panels of various sizes and widths. It is also fire resistant and has good acoustic qualities. Brick is sustainable, energy efficient, low maintenance and also very versatile.

When can I get a price for my home? +

We will complete an initial quote with all of your chosen items. Once your deposit is received, we can then order your soil and survey tests to obtain more accurate information about your block. You will then be invited to do your colour, electrical and tile consultation. Once everything has been chosen, we can then issue you with a final building contract.

Will Bode Living demolish my old home? +

We can arrange demolition services, or if you want to arrange it yourself we will work closely with local demolition contractors to ensure a quality level of service. We can recommend a reputable demotion specialist to remove your home.

What are the major benefits of knocking down my house and rebuilding on the same site? +

The benefits of a knock down rebuild project include: • Staying in the area you love living in. No disruption to schooling or family lifestyle • A knockdown rebuild project can actually cost less than extensive renovations and/or extensions. Why not get a new home for less than the cost of renovating your old one • Your new home is a capital investment in your property – this means you have added equity in your home – opening up a whole range of options for you • Savings on stamp duty, agent fees, renovating costs, moving costs and more • With property prices going up all the time, rebuilding may actually be more cost effective than buying a new property.

Why choose Bode Living for my knock down rebuild? +

We have the experience and expertise in knock down rebuild projects to make your journey easy and carefree. Our team are extremely knowledgeable and know all there is to know about knocking down your old home and rebuilding a new one. We'll support you from start to finish. You're in good hands with Bode Living!

How does Bode Living help me knock down rebuild? +

We will assess your building requirements and will advise you as to which Bode Living home design will work on your particular block. We can arrange and manage everything from design, approvals, demolition and construction – leaving you time to look after the design details and inclusions that you have always dreamed about.

What are the major costs of a knock down rebuild? +

Speak with a Bode Living consultant to get an estimate for what the build costs might be for your project. These costs include site works, landscaping, town planning, demolition process and actual building costs. Contact a Bode Living consultant today on 02-6242-5200

What information do you need from me? +

To start the knock down rebuild process we suggest you do the following: • Provide us with an accurate and full copy of title to your land • Let us know of any preliminary ideas you may have on our home designs • Allocate some time to have a chat

Where do I start? +

Visit our display homes to start looking at floor plans and new home designs suitable for your knock down rebuild project. How can I tell if the property I own or am considering developing is suitable for dual occupancy dev.

Why not get one of our specialist team to have a closer look? Our consultants will review the title documents, covenant, state and local council regulations and determine what viable solutions we can offer you.

How do I get started on my dual occ project? +

Call 02-6242-5200 and enquire how one of our experienced team can assist you